In 2011, based on the decision that communicating CSR activities is of particular importance in publicly traded companies, the need to develop and implement (as part of integrating the PR function) the CSR strategy at the company and TAURON Group level was defined in the Corporate Strategy.

The sustainable development strategy is directly related to all of the TAURON Group’s lines of business. It systematizes both the approach to CSR, as well as the methodology used to evaluate the efficiency of activities undertaken based on the Global Reporting Initiative indicators.

Therefore the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, i.e. TAURON Group’s 2012-2015 Sustainable Development Strategy with an outlook until 2020 was developed in 2012. Its provisions are based on the strategic goals defined by the Corporate Strategy and the strategies of individual lines of business.

Sustainable development strategy outlines two leading directions:

  • ensuring energy supply security
  • customer orientation

and three auxiliary directions:

  • workforce commitment towards growth of the organization
  • environment protection throughout the value chain
  • managing economic and social impact

The sustainable development strategy is directly related to all of the TAURON Group’s lines of business. It systematizes both the approach to CSR, as well as the methodology used to evaluate the efficiency of activities undertaken based on the Global Reporting Initiative indicators.

The second sustainable development report was published in 2014 and it presented TAURON Group’s corporate social responsibility related activities undertaken in 2013 and also data summarizing the progress in the accomplishment of the goals planned in the sustainable development strategy until 2015. The report was compiled in accordance with the latest reporting standards – GRI G.4, which was confirmed by the certification obtained – GRI Materiality Matters’ Check. The report was subjected to external verification by an independent auditor.


The company was also audited in conjunction with its inclusion in RESPECT Index – a Warsaw Stock Exchange index that groups companies acting in accordance with the sustainable development principles. TAURON was awarded a positive result for the second time and was included in that group. One of the directions of the sustainable development strategy involves managing economic and social impact. The goals in this area are realized, among others, through the activities of TAURON Foundation, which allows for an even more effective accomplishment of the CSR targets related to taking care of local communities’ safety and pro publico bono activities.

In 2014 the TAURON Foundation, along with the company, carried out, based on employee volunteering activities, the tenth anniversary edition of the Houses of Positive Energy campaign targeting 24×7 orphanages, with its main objective being to improve the living conditions of children in orphanages. The campaign covered all orphanages in the territory of the TAURON Group’s operations. The undertaking enjoyed great popularity – more than 70 facilities, taking care of almost 2 100 children in total, took part in the campaign.

In 2014 the Foundation also continued the Overnight Heroes project with its goal to develop awareness of bone marrow donor activities and increase the number of potential bone marrow donors. The TAURON Foundation’s volunteers organized more than a dozen information campaigns and bone marrow donor days at TAURON Group’s subsidiaries and during events sponsored by TAURON as a result of which 1 975 potential bone marrow donors were registered.

The TAURON Group, operating in the south of Poland, is a leading electricity generator and supplier. This means that the scope of activities conducted for the benefit of communities in which TAURON Group subsidiaries are operating is very broad. A number of projects that are important for the inhabitants of Upper and Lower Silesia, Opole, Małopolska and Podkarpacie regions are supported.

TAURON is, among others, cooperating with the Volunteer Mountain Rescue Service (Górskie Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe – GOPR) with its objective to improve safety in the mountains. The company is the project’s strategic partner, actively participating both in its summer as well as winter edition. In 2014 TAURON also began cooperation with Siemacha Association – one of Poland’s leading non-government organizations aiming to implement projects related to education, sports and therapy, providing system-based aid to children and youth. As part of this cooperation TAURON took patronage over the association’s sports activities, obtaining the title: TAURON – Siemacha’s partner in sports. Projects such as Football Children’s Day with TAURON, Juliada 2014, or I am swimming with TAURON were supported in 2014.

Activities conducted by TAURON Group subsidiaries are also worth noting. TAURON Fuses campaign was continued in 2014. Its part conducted by TAURON Sprzedaż (Supply) aimed at raising customer awareness of the electricity market, in particular to provide protection against dishonest and unethical business practices of salespersons operating on the market. On the other hand, the project’s part related to education of youth and children was conducted by TAURON Dystrybucja (Distribution) in order to explain the principles of safe electricity use. A new part of the TAURON Fuses campaign was also launched.

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