TAURON Polska Energia’s communication with stakeholders is one of the main factors affecting the Group’s relationships with stakeholders.


Therefore the Group does its best to make sure that its communications meet the highest standards for each stakeholder group. Transparency is particularly important as TAURON Polska Energia has been a public company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since mid-2010.

The company’s organizational structure includes the Press Office and Investor Relations Office forming part of the Market Communications and PR Department. The Press Office is responsible, among others, for providing information on events to the media (including cooperation with the media, organizing meetings with the company for journalists, press conferences). On the other hand, the Investor Relations Office is responsible for compliance with information disclosure obligations applicable to public companies listed on the stock exchange and for active cooperation with all capital market participants – analysts, fund managers and retail investors.

Internet is a very important communication channel for companies. TAURON runs an extensive and content rich website where all information relevant for its stakeholders is regularly posted.

Since 2009 the Group has implemented a functional public relations and communications strategy closely linked to its corporate strategy. Based on this strategy we are promoting TAURON brand’s image around the following four core values:

  • Safety
  • Taking care of local communities
  • Sustainable development (growth)
  • Ecology

One of the key features of our public relations and communications strategy is corporate social responsibility. Furthermore, we publish the “Polska Energia” monthly in which readers can find information on events related to TAURON Group’s operations and on the latest trends in the energy sector in Poland and worldwide.

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