Environment protection

TAURON Group pays a lot of attention to environment protection seeking to minimize environmental burdens and limit the quantities of discharged pollutants, including emissions of such gases as, for example, carbon dioxide.

All the TAURON Group subsidiaries hold permits for the use of the environment, sector specific permits and water permits.

The TAURON Group continues to invest in upgrading generation installations in order to reduce their adverse environmental impact. The most important activities that the TAURON Group undertook with respect to environment protection in 2014 included:

  1. Installing flue gas denitrification systems on 200 MW units at Łaziska Power Plant and Jaworzno III Power Plant that will help reduce NOx emission to 200mg/Nm3. In 2014 such systems were installed on unit no. 9 at Łaziska Power Plant and on unit no. 3 at Jaworzno III Power Plant.
  2. Commencing the construction of a 910 MW unit at Jaworzno III Power Plant the commissioning of which will have a significant impact on the reduction of NOx, SO2, CO2 and dust emissions to the atmosphere.
  3. Continuing the performance of environmental programs: emergency oil leak – oil sumps. Equipping the existing oil separators with additional safeguards and alarm signaling. Changing the routing of rain or melt water discharge and acquiring of applicable permits by TAURON Dystrybucja (Distribution).
  4. Conducting activities that involve processing (recycling) of extraction waste in the filling installation and in the production of aggregate and hardcore aggregate.
  5. Upgrading hydroelectric power plants aimed, among others, at reducing the threat of natural environment contamination with lubricating oils.

TAURON Group subsidiaries pursue a responsible environment protection policy and act with due diligence so that both the operations conducted by the company, as well as its CAPEX projects comply with the requirements and include advanced technical solutions relating to environment protection.


Every year TAURON Group allocates substantial funds to environment protection. Fees for the use of the environment paid by TAURON Group subsidiaries surpassed PLN 46m in 2014.


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