The TAURON Group’s average headcount in 2014 was 26 108 full time employees (FTEs), i.e. lower than in 2013 when the average headcount was 26 441 full time employees.

Changes to the average headcount are due, among others, to the voluntary redundancy programs underway in the following segments: Distribution, Generation, Heat, Customer Service and RES.

The TAURON Group’s subsidiaries offer a broad range of initiatives to provide the workforce with a number of career development options. As a result the TAURON Group is considered to be one of Poland’s most attractive employers. The Randstad recruitment agency listed TAURON Polska Energia as one of the most attractive employers in the “Randstad Award 2013” and the “Randstad Award 2014” rankings. In addition, for the first time TAURON Polska Energia was one of the most desirable employers according to the HR Antal International recruitment and consulting agency, confirmed by the research findings in “The most desirable employers in 2013 in the opinion of professionals and managers” conducted by this agency.

One of the key aspects of the TAURON Group’s approach to its personnel is making sure our staff’s competence level is high. The professionally prepared training offer, opportunities for employees to engage in innovative educational projects and participation in talent development programs demonstrate the weight placed on these activities.

An important part of activities aimed at providing benefits to the staff involves maintaining the highest occupational safety and health standards by providing staff with appropriate labor conditions and access to modern technologies.

The TAURON Group’s ambition is to develop a coherent corporate culture based on ethical values. We demonstrate our commitment by stimulating awareness among staff members on how they can get involved in accomplishing business and social goals in line with the common values of the Group’s subsidiaries described in the ”Business Ethics Code”.

The TAURON Group is implementing solutions to facilitate information sharing and develop a company-wide knowledge base. The best example of this approach is the 2013 launch of a common intranet for the Group’s workforce that constitutes one of the main internal communication channels. This is Poland’s largest project in terms of the number of users and functionality. The  common intranet’s task is to support the development of brand awareness among the company’s workforce and enable creating a knowledge base for the entire organization.

The TAURON Group is launching numerous initiatives aimed at integrating the personnel of specific subsidiaries that involve recreation activities and sports competitions. The staff’s participation in such events has a positive impact on building relationships inside the Group and at the same time makes employees identify themselves with TAURON brand better.


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