2014 prizes and awards

In 2014 TAURON Group received a number of prizes and awards. The most prominent ones are presented below:

TAURON is awarded honorable mention in the 10th edition of "The Most Interesting among the Best" ranking. Nowy Przemysł economic weekly and wnp.pl portal award honorable mentions to illustrate the most important trends in IT project implementations in enterprises and highlight implementations worth special attention from the business community and the public.

TAURON Group is awarded the "Forbes Diamonds" prize in the annual best companies’ ranking. The company’s website is also rewarded as the best website in the Silesia region, winning the "Forbes & Biznes.pl 2014 e-Diamonds" ranking.

TAURON Group finishes seventh in the 16th edition of "Rzeczpospolita daily’s 500 List" of Poland’s largest enterprises by revenue. The company gets the same spot in the ranking of companies that have improved their net result most accompanying the 500 List.

TAURON Polska Energia Is no. 6 on "Polityka weekly’s 500 List" (companies generating the highest revenues), maintaining last year’s ranking. On the list of most profitable enterprises TAURON moves up one spot – to number five.

TAURON is no. 2 among the highest rated companies in the Silesia region in Puls Biznesu daily’s "Pillars of the Polish Economy" ranking.

TAURON is awarded honorable mention in the "2014 Capital Market Hero" vote organized by the Association of Individual Investors – the largest and most prominent organization of private individuals investing on the capital market.

TAURON is no. 24 on the "List of 500 largest companies in Central and Eastern Europe" compiled by Rzeczpospolita daily and Deloitte. TAURON is also included among the 25 of the largest public companies.

TAURON Polska Energia is awarded the main prize in the enterprise category for the 2013 annual report and honorable mentions for the annual report posted on its website by the board of "The Best Annual Report" competition organized by the Institute of Accounting and Taxes.

TAURON is awarded the "Nowy Impuls 2014" title for commencing construction of a 910 MW hard coal-fired unit at Jaworzno III Power Plant.

The TAURON Group’s sustainable growth report is awarded the internet users’ prize in the eighth edition of the "Social Reports" competition organized by the Responsible Business Forum.

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