Strategy implementation in 2014

By implementing the Corporate Strategy in 2014 the budgeted 2014 EBITDA of PLN 3 627m and ROIC of approx. 5.3 percent were achieved.

With respect to the implementation of investment tasks:

  • an agreement was concluded with the consortium of Rafako (consortium leader) and Mostostal Warsaw to build a 910 MWe power generation unit at the Jaworzno III Power Plant,
  • construction and assembly works are underway and deliveries of machines and devices of individual technological nodes and unit installations as part of the construction of a 449 MWe CCGT unit, including a 240 MWt thermal unit at Stalowa Wola CHP were completed,
  • activities to commence the construction of a 413 MWe CCGT unit at the Łagisza Power Plant are in progress,
  • work for PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna, TAURON, KGHM Polska Miedź and ENEA to execute their joint investment project to build and operate Poland’s first nuclear power plant with a capacity of approx. 3 000 MW is in progress.

Furthermore, in the mining segment the “Grzegorz” shaft with its infrastructure and the 800 m level at the Janina coal mine were under construction. In the heat segment work to build a 50 MW co-generation unit in the Tychy CHP and the pass-out and condensing turbogenerator in the Nowa CHP was continued. The target of improving cost efficiency was accomplished primarily through restructuring programs implemented in the following lines of business: Generation, Heat and Distribution.

The TAURON Group also took steps to enhance organizational efficiency by continuing the development of its target business model and integrating individual subsidiaries.


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