Investor relations

Since its floatation on the Warsaw Stock Exchange TAURON has placed great significance on communicating accurately and transparently with investors, not only as required by law (current and periodic regulatory filings) but also through many additional undertakings directly targeting institutional and retail investors

TAURON participates in multiple investor conferences and road shows in Poland and abroad during which investors can learn about the Group’s financial standing and the condition and prospects for the power sector.

Each periodic report published by the company in 2014 was unveiled at a conference organized for analysts and fund managers during which members of the company’s Management Board discussed the reported financial results and presented the Group’s key accomplishments in the reporting periods. Following these presentations the Management Board answered numerous questions from investors. The conferences were broadcast in Polish and English on the web. We also provided an option to participate in the conferences by phone. This enabled all investors interested in the company to follow these events live with simultaneous access to information as persons physically present.

In 2014 Management Board members and the representatives of the Investor Relations Office took part in fifteen conferences and road shows during which almost 200 meetings were held with asset managers and analysts. Meetings took place not only in Poland but also in European and North American financial centers such as London, Vienna, New York and Boston.

On October 22, 2014 the company organized the second edition of the „Individual Investor Day”. Several dozen investors had an opportunity to meet the TAURON Group’s Management Board and its management team, as well as tour the Jaworzno III Power Plant, a new 50 MW biomass-fired unit and the pilot CCS installation used to capture, transport and store CO2. As part of the meeting with the Management Board, presentations were held on the updated corporate strategy and the financial results for H1 2014.

In 2014 the company, as a strategic partner in the “Citizen Shareholding” program initiated by the Ministry of State Treasury, continued its activities focused on practical aspects of communicating with retail investors. The company’s representatives delivered training investor relations training to other publicly-traded companies and actively participated in preparing a screenplay and promoting an educational video entitled “Everything you would like to know about the stock market”. The goal of the “Citizen Shareholding” program is to encourage Poles to participate actively and deliberately in the country’s economic life by actively managing their savings and investing in corporate stock and other instruments listed on the stock market.

Much emphasis was also placed on the technical aspects of investor communications – in 2014 the company launched a mobile device application dedicated to investors and organized two chats with retail investors. Retail investor communications led to participation in the Association of Individual Investors’ program entitled ”10 of 10 – an investor friendly company” and ”Capital Market Hero” honorable mention.

Traditionally, the company took part in other investor events as a partner of the “Capital Market Games” sports competition and the “WallStreet” conference in Karpacz.

TAURON makes sure it provides quality and up-to-date content on its investor relations website, many investors’ first point of contact with the TAURON Group. The Investor Relations’ section is updated on an ongoing basis with a lot of useful information on important events, financial results and shareholder meeting decisions. Presentations and video broadcasts of earnings conferences are also posted on our website.

The company’s high quality investor relations activities are confirmed by numerous prizes and awards it has won in the last three editions of „The Best Annual Report” competition organized by the Institute of Accounting and Taxes (Instytut Rachunkowości i Podatków). In last year’s edition of the competition TAURON Polska Energia was awarded the first main prize in the enterprise category for its 2013 report and honorable mention for its interactive annual report posted on its website. Furthermore, Krzysztof Zawadzki, CFO of TAURON Polska Energia, finished first in Thomson Reuters „Extel 2014” ranking of top CFOs (Chief Financial Officer) in investor communications among Poland’s public companies.

2014 highlights and investor relations activities are presented below.


Date Event
January 7 Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting of TAURON Polska Energia
January 30 Participation in DM mBank conference, Warsaw
March 18 Full year 2013 stand-alone and consolidated earnings reports published
March 18 Management Board meeting with analysts and fund managers to present FY 2013 earnings
March 26 Participation in CEE Energy Day Conference, Wood & Company, Warsaw
April 3-4 Participation in Polish Capital Market Conference, DM PKO BP and GPW, London
April 7 Participation in Energy & Mining Conference, UniCredit, Warsaw
April 15 Management Board’s recommendation on the 2013 profit distribution and the dividend payout
May 14 Extended Q1 2014 consolidated earnings report published
May 14 Management Board’s meeting with analysts and fund managers to present Q1 2014 earnings
May 16 Ordinary Shareholder Meeting of TAURON Polska Energia
June 10 Participation in Utilities & Renewables Conference, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, London
June 11-12 Bond issue road show in cooperation with JP Morgan
August 14 Dividend record date
August 21 H1 2014 consolidated earnings report published
August 21 Management Board meeting with analysts and fund managers to present H1 2014 earnings
August 22 Chat with retail investors
September 4 Management Board meeting with analysts and fund managers related to publishing H1 2014 earnings, DM PKO BP, Warsaw
September 4 Dividend payment date
September 15-16 Participation in Annual Emerging Europe Investment Conference, UniCredit, Warsaw
September 30 Participation in EuroLatam Infrastructure & Utilities Conference, Santander, New York
October 2-6 Road show in cooperation with Goldman Sachs, Boston, Des Moines, San Antonio, Austin
October 8-9 Participation in Erste Group Investor Conference, Stegersbach (Austria)
October 13-15 Bond issue road show in cooperation with ING
October 22 Individual Investor Day at TAURON Polska Energia
November 13 Q3 2014 consolidated earnings report published
November 13 Management Board meeting with analysts and fund managers to present Q3 2014 earnings
November 13 Chat with retail investors
November 20 Participation in Utilities, Mining & Industrials Conference, ING, Warsaw
November 17-21 Participation in an investor conference as part of the Polish-American Innovation Week, GPW/HSBC, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco


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